Serving Montgomery, Autauga, and Elmore counties since 2004, the Montgomery Center for Independent Living (MCIL) encourages people with disabilities to support one another in reaching their own independent living goals. The Center also promotes equal access and disability rights through advocacy and public awareness activities.

Many of our consumers encounter systematic, institutional, and attitudinal barriers that limit their ability to live independently. They often arrive at MCIL unaware of the benefits that may be available to them, thus hindering their quality of independence. MCIL seeks to help alleviate these barriers. 


Independent Living is being in control of the decisions in your life. It is about taking advantage of community supports and the support of your peers to live an active and engaged life in the community of your choosing. Independent Living (IL) philosophy is about self-determination and removing barriers to live life like everyone else.


Kent Crenshaw M.Ed, CRC, Executive Director